More photos from Kenny McMillan’s family.

Here are some more photos Kenny McMillan’s photographic collection. Kenny worked at Argyll Colliery from 1947 until the mine closed in 1967. There are a couple that need some names putting to faces so we’d really appreciate you help. Following on from Angus Martin’s article about Inneans Bay it’s especially nice to see the photo below of a visit to the Sailor’s Grave. It’s also good to see some images from the gala days beginning to surface at last.


Miners’ Gala Day 1965. Kenny McMillan and Peter McCallum and on the bus, at the front Kenny’s sons Malcolm and Kenneth. The photograph was taken at the Esplanade, Campbeltown. Photo courtesy of the McMillan family.


Miners’ Gala Day, Clachan, Kintyre. Top row, ? , ? , ? , ? , Jim Fowler (?) , Kenny McMillan, Bobby Hamilton. Bottom row: Sandy Smith, George McMillan, Angus “Ibrox” McKinlay, ? , ?, ? . If you can identify any ot the men here, please contact us. Photo courtesy of the McMillan family.


Kenny McMillan and two other colleagues underground at Argyll Colliery, Machrihanish. If you can identify the other two men, please get in touch. Here we can see the height of the roads at the mine – the seams of coal were 8-10 feet deep in places. Photo courtesy of the McMillan family.


We think that this photo is from a miner’s’ Gala Day. Top, L-R – Harry McGuire, ?, ?, ?, Jimmy McEwan, Archie Millar, Robert Livingstone, Jackie Galbraith, , ? , ? , ? , ? , ? , ?. Bottom, L-R Maurice McShannon, Kenny McMillan, ? , ? , ? .. Can you identify and name the other men and also the location? Contact us if you can help. Photo courtesy of the McMillan family.


L-R: Douglas McMillan, Malcolm McMillan, Kenny McMillan, Charlie Morrison, Donald McPhee and John McPhee,  Inneans Bay (South West coast of Kintyre), at the Sailor’s Grave.


Left to Right: Morag McMillan, Helen Babty (nee Hamilton), Saunders (the Mcmillans’ cousin), Katrina McMillan and Elizabeth Hamilton. Photo courtesy of the McMillan family.