TRTD – fourth and final last drop-in session

A massive thank you to everyone who came along to SKDT’s Road to Drumleman fourth and final session at Campbeltown Library, on 22nd February, 2017! Thanks, as always, to the staff at Campbeltown Library.

Originally we had only planned three such sessions but because we knew there were more people to meet and more stories to unearth we decided to hold an additional public drop-in day. The session was well attended and we had lots of photos to scan, some artefacts and memorabilia to photograph and stories to share.

Although there will be no more public sessions you are still welcome to submit stories, images of memorabilia and photos via email and these will be included in the blog as that will be being added to until the end of August. If however, you wish to have an image included at the digital slideshow at the exhibition in April the deadline is the 7th of April.

How to get involved


The next event that we will be holding will the “The Road to Drumleman Community Exhibition” in April, at Glen Scotia Distillery, Campbeltown, which will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the closure of Argyll Colliery. Watch this space!