Fatal Accident at the Drumlembe Pit: John McGeachy

John McGeachy_AH

Report in the Argyllshire Herald on the death of John McGeachy, collier at Drumlemble Pit. He was killed in December 1860, aged 23 years old. Thanks to Angus Martin.

3 thoughts on “Fatal Accident at the Drumlembe Pit: John McGeachy

  1. Fatal Accident John McGeachy: My great, great, great grandmother was a Margaret MacGeachy married to John Campbell a collier in Drumlemble. I wonder if John McGeachy was related.
    My great great grandfather Alexander McNeil who came from Tiree married Janet C Campbell daughter of John and Margaret. I am trying to find evidence of Alexander McNeil having worked in the mine at Drumlemble. I suspect he did as he was a miner all his life as all my male family line were with the exception of myself and my father. My father’s cousin John McNeil was killed with three others at Barony Colliery November 1962.
    Lachlan McNeil.


    • Thanks for getting in touch with this information. I am going to post it on The Road to Drumleman Facebook page to see if anyone can help out with further information. It’s sad about the loss of life at Barony Colliery. Please keep in touch if you manage to find out more. You are also welcome to write something for the archive blog about your mining relatives.


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