TRTD – 2nd drop-in session in Campbeltown.

Another opportunity to get involved in SKDT’s Road to Drumleman Community Exhibition and Archive project. Everyone with an Argyll Colliery/ mining connection is welcome to bring along stories, photos and artefacts which will be included in the project.

The next session will take place on the 23rd Nov. at the Library in Campbeltown :

11am -1pm, 2-4pm, 5-7pm.

Apart from encouraging more people to get in involved by coming along and sharing stories and images, the second session will also focus on getting specific material for the archive/blog and the exhibition so will be looking for contributors to help with information about about different aspects of the colliery and it’s wider context (such as the Miners’ Welfare Hall, events such as Gala Day, miners’ football teams, miners’ houses etc). We are also looking for people to write up an auto/biography of themselves, their parents and other family members with a connection to the mine/mining – these can be as short or as long as the participants wish. Even notes/bullet points would be acceptable as we can help write these up. Apart from biographical details we are keen to hear stories too… Ideally these biographies would be accompanied by a photo (or more if you have them) – the photos you bring in can be scanned so that you do not have to leave anything.

The idea is of these biographies is that we start to build up information about the men and women who worked at the Argyll Colliery so that we can pay tribute to them on the blog and at the exhibition (as part of a digital slideshow). I am sure that when these, when published, will spark off new conversations and unearth stories that have been buried – this is something that has already started happening, which is the lovely thing about this project. We are hoping that younger contributors, who have questions about their relatives, will perhaps get answers from some of the miners who are participating in the project too.

Apart from looking for the stories of the men that worked at Argyll Colliery we are also keen to hear from miners’ wives about what life was like and for stories about the canteen and the women who worked there.

Please spread the word about the project as we want to include as many people as possible.

Many thanks!

Hope to see and hear from you soon!



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