Duncan McMillan visits Argyll Colliery


Duncan McMillan campaigning for Labour on the run up to the 1964 General Elections. Duncan was the candidate for the Labour Party in Argyll. Here he is pictured leaving Mid-Argyll/Loch Fyne  by boat. Photo courtesy of Hamish McMillan ©

Duncan McMillan was Provost of Campbeltown from 1965 – 1968 . The year before he became provost he stood as Labour candidate for Argyll. During his election campaign he visited the Argyll Colliery, Machrihanish.

His son, Hamish, has kindly let us have access to some of Duncan’s photos, a couple of which are published here and these document Duncan’s visit to Argyll Colliery in 1964.

At the first of the drop-in TRTD archive sessions at Campbeltown Library we showed the photo below to the participants, some of them former miners, and they were able to name all, bar one, of the miners in the this photo:


Duncan McMillan and his wife, Ella visiting Argyll Colliery, Machrihanish, near Campbeltown in 1964. Left to right: Duncan McMillan, Maxie Brodie, Ella McMillan (nee McFadyen), Unknown, John Brown, Willie McIntyre, J.D. Taffy  Evans, John Short and Robert Armour. The boy in the foreground is Hamish, Duncan and Ella’s son. Photo courtesy of Hamish McMillan ©


Duncan and his with his wife, Ella, visiting the Argyll Colliery, Machrihanish, near Campbeltown in  1964. Photo courtesy of Hamish McMillan ©

We haven’t identified the others in the above photo yet but if we have any luck with this we will update the article. If you can help please contact us.


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